BP9 Radial arched corner bead PVC

Application: pvc bp9 radial arched corner bead is perforated white corner bead with oval shape of the edges intended for finishing the corners of drywalls. Additionally, the special perforation and application of appropriate material, enables to form the corner bead into arch.

Especially useful for finishing the corners in kindergartens and schools – in all places, where safety must be guaranteed because of the risk of injuries when hitting the so called “ sharp edge”. The radial arched corner bead is commonly used by interior architects, providing them with additional interesting tool for forming the interior by means of drywalls.

Utility values:

– strengthens, finishes aesthetically the arched edges in oval shape

– easy to cut to the length: with scissors or knife

– resistant against indentations

Mounting: after carrying out the mounting of drywalls you should start with finishing works. They consist in reinforcing the connections between the drywalls.

Glue the radial arched corner bead in the oval corner, which has been previously filled in with appropriate spackling paste. The distributed paste should “go outside” through the openings in the corner bead’s walls. Next step is to align the still wet spackling paste with the corner bead’s edge, which has a shape, enabling to leave the empty space for spackling paste.



length (mm)

no. of pieces / bulk package

BP9 L250



BP9 L300