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About us

bella-plast_budynek • We specialize in manufacturing the synthetic profiles for building industry.

• The founder of our company is the team of engineers, specialists for processing of synthetic materials.

• The history of our company comes back to the beginning of 90’s and in the present form, trading company, we have been existed for over 10 years now.

• During that time we have acquired the essential knowledge and experience allowing us to achieve the leader position on the difficult and more and more demanding market of construction materials.

• And we have started on a shoestring, with one secondhand extruder and an old russian press…in rented premises somewhere in desolate industrial area after the 90’s breakthrough transformation.

• During the next years we have been intensively developing and implementing new technologies, products, conquering new markets.

• In 2010 we opened modern manufacturing plant which has been adapted from the ground up for manufacturing of synthetic profiles with the full technical infrastructure and modern big capacity storehouse.

• Our company has brought for the first time onto polish market the legendary BP3 PVC arched corner bead and BP4 PVC universal corner bead for drywall finishing.

• In the next years we introduced the successive products, e.g. rustication strips enabling carrying out the decorative rustication in the insulated elevation – consequently changing the architectonic landscape of Poland which surely have gained the nicer, more interesting form of the buildings’ elevations.

• We have been always trying to accompany close the contractor on the construction site, listen to his needs and find the best technical solutions improving the quality of carrying out the elevations and facilitating work during mounting.

• With such approach we consequently gained the recognition and confidence of our customers.

• We brought many products on the market which have been successfully applied in the building sector so far.

• We offer the technical consulting as well as training and trade support anytime for our customers. We will invite you with pleasure for training intended for constructors and traders.

• We deliver profiles for the biggest shopping chains, hundreds of wholesalers and construction companies within the whole territory of Poland as well as for many manufacturers of elevation plasters, drywalls and foreign customers.

• We have obtained the ISO 9001:2001 quality certification as well as other awards approving the quality of our products.

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